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Query to Category Intent

How to use this data?

  • Query to Category Intent component helps you map queries to ecommerce categories. Specifically Google Shopping. If you have a eCommerce store one way to use this data is find gaps in your site and create navigational links around the categories provided by this component.
  • Let's say you are looking at your competitors site and see a lot of opportunistic queries. One way to use this tool is to run all the queries through the tool to find categories where your competitors are getting major share and create content around that.
  • Use this tool to make sure your product categories are optimized for google shopping. This is particularly important if you are running google shopping ads

Keyword Research aka (Finding opportunistic keywords)

How to use this data?

  • If you are looking into understanding more about a particular topic one way is to start with a seed search query and find queries related to your topic.
  • Finding keyword clusters of topics based to your seed query will help you make a informed decision on what the topics of the blog or content you are going to publish will be in case you want to target that query for Organic SEO content

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